The workshop

R&O Le Bourget, a maintenance workshop based in Paris Le Bourget, is renowned in the sector of civil aviation.

R&O Le Bourget is certified by Part 145 (N° FR.145.0738). With our 34 specialised technicians, we provide a motivated and experienced team. Classic maintenance, flight clearance, structural repairs, parking space… R&O has all the skills necessary to the global maintenance of your aircrafts. Our Workshop is recommended for its expertise in the purchase of business jets.


« I purchased R&O Le Bourget in July 2018 in order to guarantee reliability and availability for the maintenance of aircrafts to my own company, R&O Le Bourget, the leading french business aviation company. This workshop, composed of 34 specialists, is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact them. »

Jean Valli


Maintenance Organisation
approval certificate

R&O Le Bourget detains a Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate delivered by the O.S.A.C (Organization for Civil Aviation Safety in english).